Engineering Virtualized Services @ ISoLA 2014

Engineering Virtualized Services @ ISoLA 2014, Corfu, Greece

Engineering Virtualized Services @ ISoLA 2014

The Envisage project organized a track at ISoLA 2014 on Engineering Virtualized Services. The event took place in the Hotel Imperial, Corfu, Greece on Wednesday, October 8, 2014.

Virtualized computing services, such as cloud services, create new opportunities, but also pose new challenges for users and providers alike. Over-provisioning of resources and compensative penalties for breaching an SLA are among the only too real downsides of virtualization. At the same time, formal models of software services and advanced static analysis tools promise vast improvements of productivity and cost effectiveness in cloud computing. This track explores the state-of-art in modeling of services deployed on the cloud and in the formalization as well as verification of SLAs.

Track Organizers

The ISoLA Symposium

The ISoLA Symposium is a forum for developers, users, and researchers to discuss issues related to the adoption and use of rigorous tools for the specification, analysis, verification, certification, construction, test, and maintenance of systems from the point of view of their different application domains. To bridge the gap between designers and developers of (formal methods based) rigorous tools, and users in engineering and in other disciplines, it fosters and exploits synergetic relationships among scientists, engineers, software developers, decision makers, and other critical thinkers. The proceedings of ISoLA 2014, including the Envisage track, were published by Springer as LNCS 8803.


  • Reiner Hähnle, Einar Broch Johnsen: Introduction.
  • Georg Göri, Einar Broch Johnsen, Rudolf Schlatte, Volker Stolz: Erlang-Style Error Recovery for Concurrent Objects with Cooperative Scheduling [slides].
  • Ivan Lanese, Michael Lienhardt, Mario Bravetti, Einar Broch Johnsen, Rudolf Schlatte, Volker Stolz, Gianluigi Zavattaro: Fault Model Design Space for Cooperative Concurrency.
  • Behrooz Nobakht, Frank S. de Boer: Programming with Actors in Java 8.
  • Jim Woodcock, Ana Cavalcanti, John S. Fitzgerald, Simon Foster, Peter Gorm Larsen: Contracts in CML.
  • Aida Causevic, Cristina Seceleanu, Paul Pettersson: Distributed Energy Management Case Study: A Formal Approach to Analyzing Utility Functions.
  • Elena Giachino, Cosimo Laneve: Towards the Typing of Resource Deployment.
  • Elvira Albert, Jesús Correas Fernández, Enrique Martin-Martin, Guillermo Román-Díez: Static Inference of Transmission Data Sizes in Distributed Systems.
  • Richard Bubel, Reiner Hähnle, Maria Pelevina: Fully Abstract Operation Contracts.

DSC_0932 DSC_0942ISoLA’s social excursion, with Ina & Martin in action (photos: Ka I Pun)